Barry Lewis, photographic alchemist

Last week, I took a look back at my early pictures, to discuss the creative peaks in a photography career. This week, I’ve invited Barry Lewis, World Press award winner, regular contributor to Life, National Geographic, and so many prestigious magazines, to join the debate.

Visual conversations with Niall McDiarmid

Around 4 years ago I discovered Niall McDiarmid’s work. Over and above enjoying and admiring his images, I felt he ticked many of the boxes that were missing in my work. The crossover of portraiture and street photography really appealed, he was saying something meaningful that went beyond personal artistic expression.

Seeing quickly, moving slowly: the Matt Stuart way

There are probably nearly as many workshops around these days as photographers, but when the chance to visit a nearby capital city I’d never visited before (Brussels) arose at the beginning of October, in the company of Matt Stuart, all tied in with a Street Photography Festival, it was an opportunity too good to pass up.

In the style of Kenna & Metzker

For students brought up essentially in the digital world, the world of black & white photography is more often than not now, accessed through the conversion filters of Photoshop, and is sought as some kind of creative refuge from the inherent defects of certain colour images.

Clear the mind and see the light

As the days of isolation have continued I have begun to become more and more aware of how the light at different times of the day turns quotidian household fixtures and fittings into objects of beauty. The simple duty of having to slow down has uncluttered my brain and increased my sense of perception. I literally see things today in a new light.

A Small Voice travels far

Maybe it’s because we share monosyllabic names , or something to do with the fact that we were both trying to market the idea of documentary wedding photography back in the 1990’s ....that I have long felt that Ben Smith is in some way a kindred spirit.
Photographie couleur artistique, inspiration Hopper photo Tim Fox

Hommage to Hopper

Like many photographers before me, I have found myself, whether consciously or subconsciously, heavily influenced by and indebted to the work of the great American painter Edward Hopper (1882-1967).

Harry Gruyaert, a source of surrealist inspiration

When I started out in photography I felt an immediate affinity for the so-called artistic virtues of black and white. I appreciated colour photography, but apart from subscribing to National Geographic and admiring the beautiful images captured across the world, I did not believe that colour was anything other than the medium one used for commissioned work and it did not inspire me as a creative form in its own right.


English freelance professional photographer based in Nantes, France. Street Photography has been my passion ever since I first held a film camera in my hand. I run Workshops throughout France and other major European cities.
I also have over 20 years’ experience in Editorial and Corporate work, as well as making a career in shooting Documentary Weddings.
For the last decade I have been a photography educator, teaching in the Graphic Design School for undergraduate students in Nantes.


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