About me

Originally from London, I have been based in western France with my family for the last 20 years.

Ever since I first held a camera in my hand, my natural instinct has always been to go out and photograph life on the street; it is my way of belonging to and engaging in the world.

Photography has an immediacy that allows me to capture a seemingly mundane scene of everyday life and transform this visual experience into a moment of pure theatre. Observing human behaviour and seizing those unguarded moments with a sense of the absurd and a dose of wit, has been a constant theme throughout my work. The Street is not restricted for me to the urban envrionment, it also extends to the public spaces of the countryside and the coastline. These galleries are a reflection of all that represents my personal creative expression, whether in single isolated moments or as sequenced images when covering particular themes or events.

Since my arrival in Nantes, I have earned my professional living from corporate and editorial assignments, as well as shooting weddings in a documentary style.

In parallel with these commissions, I have pursued my personal street photography projects, leading to several exhibitions of these pictures at art festivals in Nantes. Since 2010 I have also had the pleasure of passing on my craft to local enthusiasts for the organisation Commeunphotographe, and have over the past 5 years developed my own made-to measure Workshops for amateurs and professionals alike, in France and other cities across Europe.

I have also been privileged to teach photography to Graphic Design students for over a decade and this experience, coming into contact with a young generation of creatives, with their own visual language and tools of communication, has increased my understanding of the role of photography today.
My interest in photographic culture and the Arts in general are an essential part of my make-up. I’m an avid collector of books and magazines, visitor of exhibitions, and follow trends on social media. My formal university background gave me the skills and curiosity to write about my experiences, and I enjoy the pleasure of sharing these thoughts on my Blog.