Stardust memories, the early works

Is there a creative edge and energy to our formative work that is never fully re-captured later on in a professional career? I investigate the subject looking back at my own early black and white film-based pictures.

2017 photography highlights, my Top Ten

As Christmas comes and goes, and one enjoys some quality time off with family before embarking on another 12 month professional journey, it's the occasion to compile a personal " best of " photography moments of the year drawing to a close.

Sikh remembrance of 1984 massacre

Last weekend in London, I came across a mass demonstration by Sikhs in Trafalgar Square, in remembrance of the 1984 assault by the Indian government on the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar, which left hundreds dead.

A Sunday at the Hellfest music festival

Just 25 kilometres south of where I live, France's third largest music festival, Hellfest, attracts over 150,000 followers from over 70 countries, year on year. The picturesque town of Clisson, with its Italian renaissance features, and historically the southern most point of ...

London Zoo revisited

When I was starting out as a photographer I was fortunate enough to visit a Garry Winogrand exhibition and his work made an immediate and lasting impression on me. His ability to get in close, his knack of capturing people's expressions at their most unguarded,

Street Photography highlights 2019

No less an authority than Alex Webb once told me that I had a good natural instinct for photographing in portrait format. I took it as a compliment! When I look back at my street pictures over this last year I find again that some of my most successful or interesting images were upright ones. There's something about the vertical frame that I consider particularly appealing: a certain elegance, a sense of form and space which is inherent to composing a scene in such a way.

New Street Photography Newsletter

My new purpose designed Street Photography newsletter. Keep up to date with the the latest articles, interviews, book and exhibition recommendations, as well as receiving advance notice of upcoming Workshops and special offers.

Paris Photo 2017

Just returned from a full-on photographic weekend in the French capital, of which the highlight was no doubt, the visit to Paris Photo, the annual collection of the world's best galleries displaying their wares.

The Mélenchon show comes to town

With just under a week to go to the first round of the French presidential election, the leading figure on the (alternative) left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon was heading into town. I was keen to find out for myself what was behind the astonishing surge in popular support

Henley Regatta, twenty years apart

Founded over 175 years ago, Henley Regatta remains one of the mainstays of the traditional English summer society events, alongside the Chelsea Flower Show, Glyndebourne, Royal Ascot and Wimbledon.


English freelance professional photographer based in Nantes, France. Street Photography has been my passion ever since I first held a film camera in my hand. I run Workshops throughout France and other major European cities.
I also have over 20 years’ experience in Editorial and Corporate work, as well as making a career in shooting Documentary Weddings.
For the last decade I have been a photography educator, teaching in the Graphic Design School for undergraduate students in Nantes.


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