Street Photography highlights 2019

No less an authority than Alex Webb once told me that I had a good natural instinct for photographing in portrait format. I took it as a compliment! When I look back at my street pictures over this last year I find again that some of my most successful or interesting images were upright ones. There’s something about the vertical frame that I consider particularly appealing, and which I’ve written about before. A certain elegance, a sense of form and space which is inherent to the format. It also has something to do with a purity of vision, a willingness or rather a need to compose in such a way as to eliminate unwanted information. The ten images chosen below may not all be my best shots of 2019, but I’m proud to continue flying the flag of verticality in Street Photography and feel that by grouping these together I demonstrate a certain coherent approach as to how I view the world around me.

Nantes, march 2019
Mallorca, may 2019
Mallorca, may 2019
Nantes, january 2019
Paris, june 2019
Nantes, july 2019
Berlin, august 2019
Budapest, august 2019
Paris, september 2019
Nantes, january 2019


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