Paris autumn Street Photography workshop

Several months’ preparatory work came to fruition with this autumn’s Street Photography workshop in Paris. From finding a suitable base to seeking out a varied set of locations, the challenge was to offer the participants the ideal conditions in which to practise and improve their skills, while also offering an experience that went beyond the clichés of shooting in one of the most photographed cities in the world.

Workshop objectives

My aim is to pass on what I believe are those aspects of the craft that are teachable and reproducible in real life conditions. Apart from guidance with certain camera settings, I cover matters dealing primarily with composition and choice of background, positioning oneself in relation to the light, as well as anticipating the way people move through a scene. The rest is much a question of personal intuition and inspiration. Three days intensive photography produced some really impressive images, a selection of which can be viewed here.
Just as important as the photographic experience are the group dynamics : finding pleasure in meeting new people with shared passions. The blend was perfect, and over and above the hard work a lot of fun was had too.
Thanks to Thomas who accompanied us on the Saturday and captured so perfectly, in the video clip above, the different facets that make up a successful day of Street Photography learning.

Here was a workshop that shook up my old habits in the best sense of the word. Tim entices you to reflect on Street photography in new ways, and does so with humility and simplicity. This was a wholly enjoyable experience from beginning to end; an occasion to share one’s pleasures and passions with others.


Tim Fox’s street photography workshop in Paris was a real treat. With Tim’s directions I added a new dimension to my work. He helped me to slow down in street photography and start from the background first. What I also found impressive was how Tim helped every participant to make progress. In particular, he coached people to grow from where they were in their photographical development instead of just telling them where he thinks they should be instead. Being a good host, Tim had arranged a quiet, comfortable workshop location at the heart of the Quartier Latin for us. The perfect spot to go and discover Paris, and to share work and build on each other’s experiences. As a photographer, Tim showcases a playful, aesthetic approach to street photography. It was a pleasure to watch him work, to experience Paris with him, and to grow together as a photographer. Thanks Tim.



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