Exhibition, Concept Store Photo in Nantes

Having endured a period so marked by social and cultural restrictions, it’s a real privilege, at this year end, to be able to put on an exhibition of my work at Concept Store Photo in Nantes, which can be shared with the public at large. This spacious and elegant photography boutique, ideally situated right in the town centre, provides a great setting for my selection of richly coloured street photographs.

Tim Fox phoptographe-Concept Store photo-exposition

Though taken in three different countries, namely France, Italy and England – all the pictures displayed are representative of the same artistic vision that accompanies me when I’m wandering city streets looking for moments of beauty and inspiration.

Below are a few lines of the text that I wrote to accompany the exhibition and which encapsulate my workings as a street photographer.

I am instinctively drawn to the urban environment, engaged in the challenge of capturing some form of incongruous charm in the ordinariness of our daily surroundings. For those willing to look, the architecture of city spaces offer a rich décor of geometrical lines and shapes, juxtaposed with bursts of bright colours, through which human trajectories pass. My street images are born out of these intersecting moments, these crossings, where the rhythm of the city is expressed in aesthetic alignment.

I wish to particularly thank André Percepied, the owner of Concept Store, for supporting my work. Also a big thumbs up to Tom, who took the time and care to produce these impressive prints, faithful to my artistic intentions.

The exhibition will be on display well into 2021 and all the pictures are available for sale directly in the store.


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