Photographic training courses in Nantes

I’ve been running half-day ateliers for the organisation Commeunphotographe, since it’s inception in 2010. Set up when digital photography was first becoming accessible and popular with amateur enthusiasts, it is now a fully-established structure proposing a full range of themes and modules from beginner to advanced level, in Nantes and many other towns throughout western France.

I organise the courses on Composition and Street Photo for intermediate level practioners. Catering for up to 8 participants at a time,  we meet in a café where I explain the general concepts, discuss techniques and show printed examples of my work. We then walk the streets for two and a half hours, experimenting & practising exercises, before returning to a café to download, view & analyse the pictures together.

Understanding composition is what gives energy, perspective and depth to a photograph.
• The rule of thirds
• Using symmetry to create an ordered structure
• Leading lines, directing the eye from one point to another
• Shooting through a frame, establishing a foreground element
• Experimenting with viewpoint, low angle and overhead positions

Creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary

• Advantages of working with a fixed focal lens
• Reflections & shop windows
• Looking for interesting coloured and graphic backgrounds
• Filling the frame
• The appropriate attitude for shooting strangers- should I ask first ?

” A thousand thanks Tim for this wonderful afternoon, really appreciated your advice and the way you gave your time. The gallery you’ve put together is excellent. It reconnects us with those precise moments we pressed on the shutter, and presents the talents of every member of the group, showing each person’s unique perspective. The black and white conversion of certain images is really pertinent and gives extra food for thought. Kind regards, Alain”

” Hi Tim, so pleased with this inspiring morning spent with you, I’ve had so many compliments from friends and family on my pictures. Thanks again ! Armelle “

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