Brussels Street Photography Workshop

13th - 16th May 2021

Seize the opportunity !

Looking for a golden chance to practise and share your photographic passion, with a small and committed group, based in a creative work space  situated near the Saint Gilles district…. This workshop is for YOU !

Building your shooting skills

  • Train your eye to create order from disorder: distil the moving flux into a single still image.
  • Recognize a “good location” and experiment working the scene.
  • Develop a structured method of shooting rather than relying on random luck.
  • Find inspiration from the masters while creating your own personal style.

Brussels – a cosmopolitan & ever-changing city

From art nouveau to the absurd, traditional beer-hangouts to cutting-edge chic design, the Belgian and European capital, has such a rich and diverse set of environments to inspire our street roaming instincts. A true melting-pot of cultures and identities, there is no shortage of interesting characters and faces to focus our lenses on. Based just a few hundred meters from the Jeu-de-Balle square and its famous flea market, we will be in one of the most lively areas of the city. This 3 day workshop will give you an in-depth chance to experience the unique charm & hidden treasures of modern Brussels, while discovering the potential of the special “northern light” so beloved of the Flemish painters and numerous visual artists since.

When I found out that Tim Fox was organising a workshop, I seized the chance. I really love his work, the minimalist style of his street photos, with deep blacks and rich colours.  Tim organised everything down to the last detail, from the welcome drink to the final goodbye. I really appreciated the balance of time spent on one’s own and that of being together as a group.

It was also great to have the time to come back at the end of the day, edit one’s pictures and present them to the group for feedback & discussion. Tim’s experience on the ground was invaluable, teaching me a lot and providing me with greater confidence. This workshop really enthused me to carry on with my street photography.


This workshop was really instructive for me. I learned that you’ve got to really like people to take good photos of them, it’s part philanthropy, part sociology. It definitely applies to you, Tim. I really felt that you’re an empathetic person and that you communicate your passion with methodology and understanding.


Tim Fox’s workshop was a real treat. With his directions I added a new dimension to my work. He helped me to slow down in street photography and start from the background first. It’s a different approach from the traditional snapshot way of working. What I also found impressive was how Tim helped every participant to make progress. In particular, he coached people to grow from where they were in their photographical development instead of just telling them where he thinks they should be instead. As a photographer, Tim showcases a playful, aesthetic approach to street photography. It was a pleasure to watch him work and to grow together as a photographer. Thanks Tim.